Contact Him ASAP

September 18, 2017

Our bipartisan budget bill is now on Gov. Malloy’s desk!

He has threatened to veto it…but he hasn’t yet.

Please call Gov. Malloy during business hours at 860-566-4840 and tell him to sign it.

Email him at [email protected] and copy me at [email protected] .

Our bipartisan plan:

  • Restores funding cuts to home care services rather than forcing seniors into nursing homes.
  • Has no new tax on cell phones
  • Has no new tax on non-prescription drugs and medicines
  • Has no real estate conveyance tax hike
  • Has no sales tax hike
  • Has no tax hike on restaurants
  • Has no property tax hikes
  • Has no income tax hikes
  • Has no tolls or mileage taxes
  • Has no home heating oil and propane energy taxes.

Spread the word and keep contacting the governor every day until he signs the bipartisan budget!