Call him and email him today!

September 20, 2017

Gov. Malloy is currently reviewing the bipartisan budget plan which was passed by the state legislature.  As he reviews our plan, please do the following:

Here’s what you can tell him.

Our plan restores funding for core services to our neediest and most vulnerable residents, including:

  • Job opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Substance abuse treatment to combat the opioid epidemic
  • The CT Home Care program, which allows seniors to stay in their homes rather than being forced into Nursing Homes.

Our plan:

  • Contains an enforceable cap on state government spending
  • Requires an effective cap on state government borrowing
  • Requires the legislature to vote on state labor contracts
  • Restores local education funding
  • Stabilizes Connecticut’s transportation fund
  • Increases transit dollars over 30 years with a fully funded plan
  • Provides $1 billion to UConn, while providing purchasing/contracting flexibility so the university can save money
  • Makes government spending cuts, such as not allowing employees’ children to get free tuition and asking professors to teach an additional class.

Read the details at .

 The only way chaos can ensue now is if Gov. Malloy decides to veto this budget that has the support of Democrats and Republicans.

Contact Gov. Malloy today and urge him to sign it!