Senator Kelly Releases Statement Re: Governor’s Executive Order and Access to Medicaid Health Care

July 6, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – Today Co-Chairman of the Aging Committee, State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement regarding Governor Malloy’s Executive Order Allocation Plan and access to Medicaid health care.

“I am extremely disappointed that we are currently operating under an Executive Order from the governor,” said Sen. Kelly. “This Executive Order will hurt families across the entire state. What is even more disappointing is that this hurt could have been avoided by simply voting on a budget. Unfortunately, the Democrat Speaker of the House refused to sign off on the emergency certification needed to bring us into the chambers for a vote last week, and now Connecticut residents will pay the price for this extreme carelessness on behalf of the Democrat Leadership in the House.”

“Senate Republicans have a complete budget that should have been voted on before the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, we have a line-by-line budget that does not rely on new taxes, a budget that protects our towns and cities, and a budget that protects the most vulnerable among us. But instead, in the final hours, when action was needed House Democrats refused to vote on any resolution that would have saved Connecticut from the Executive Order from the governor, an order that needlessly impacts hard-working families across Connecticut,” said Sen. Kelly.

“Programs that were put in place to help seniors age in place are taking a serious hit,” said Sen. Kelly. “Under the Executive Order there is a reduction in provider rates under Medicaid, the state-funded Connecticut Home Care Program must suspend all applications for intake, there is a 25 percent reduction in funding for respite care for Alzheimer’s patients and that is only the beginning of these cuts.”

“This is unacceptable, as legislators we were elected to do a job and a big part of that job is to provide Connecticut residents with a state budget, a budget that works for the hard-working families that are already spread too thin,” said Sen. Kelly. “I will continue to advocate for seniors, their care-givers and the vital services they need and deserve. Senate Republicans stand ready with a fully vetted, line-by-line, balanced budget and it’s discouraging that this same commitment to enact change is not seen from all at the Capitol.”

“Senate Republicans are prepared to vote on our budget today. Now more than ever it is clear that Connecticut needs a new direction and Senate Republicans are ready to lead the way,” said Sen. Kelly.

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