Say No to Tax Increases – Say Yes to Restructured Government

July 26, 2017

Earlier this week the House of Representatives passed a state employee concessions package negotiated by Governor Malloy’s administration and the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC). This deal now heads to the State Senate, I believe it falls short of the promises that I made to you, my constituents – promises to lead Connecticut in a new direction without new tax increases.

If my time in the legislator has taught me anything, it is that trying to balance budgets with large tax increases simply does not work. The more we tax the less we get. In order to provide services and maintain state employee jobs we must look to restructure our government and tighten our state government belts.

Would you rather have another tax increase or would you rather have the legislature restructure the size and scope of our state government?

Connecticut must pursue a new direction when it comes to our state budget and government. That path must include structural changes, protections for core services and must not rely on new taxes to plug our massive shortfalls.

Unfortunately the deal brokered by Governor Malloy falls short of that.

The SEBAC Deal ties the hands of future lawmakers and future governors by removing current legislative authority over pension and healthcare issues and it also extends the SEBAC agreement – this means when there is a deficit, cuts will hit social services and municipalities first.

The SEBAC deal also contains new costs and delayed savings. There is no capping or elimination of overtime from the pensions of current state employees and there is a costly expansion of sick time and family leave.

Unfortunately, the governor’s concessions deal continues to offer benefits that far exceed what other union workers – such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses and non-government union workers – receive today. 

A vote YES is a vote for another tax increase.

Contact your senators today and tell them that we cannot approve a deal that will not only tie the hands of future lawmakers, but will also increase costs and unfunded liabilities.

Say NO to new tax increases and YES to our Senate Republican Budget, which lays a foundation for A New Direction.