State Senator John A. Kissel Votes YES on Sikorsky Deal

September 28, 2016

Hartford-State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) today voted in favor of the $220 million dollar aid package to Lockheed Martin, which owns Sikorsky Aircraft, negotiated by the Malloy Administration and approved today by the legislature.

Sikorsky plans to build hundreds of new CH-53K helicopters for the Navy at their plant in Stratford. According to the terms of the deal, Sikorsky is pledging to spend $675 million annually until 2032.

“I understand some people’s concern that this is just another example of corporate welfare and may set a bad precedent. I agree that we need to create an over-all better environment for all businesses. In this case it is important to look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately, we live in a world where other states are offering large incentives for businesses to move,” said Senator Kissel. “Sikorsky is an historic Connecticut manufacturing company that makes the best helicopters in the world for the men and women defending our nation. Furthermore, the new helicopter that Sikorsky plans to build will require parts and labor from all over the state. There are at least ten businesses in the 7th Senatorial District, and seven in Enfield alone, who will directly benefit from this new helicopter agreement. There are also seven suppliers in Windsor which is split between the 7th and 2nd Senatorial Districts. A specific part of this agreement is to continue to use Connecticut companies in the supply chain, and expand their work. Therefore, on balance, this is a good agreement for Connecticut and North Central Connecticut.”