Pathway to Sustainability

April 27, 2016


You deserve a government that lives within its means, just like you do every day in your household budget.

Unfortunately our state government doesn’t act that way and has spent more than it gets in taxes.

As a result our Governor’s budget chief has declared that our state is in a permanent fiscal crisis which hurts our economy and good middle class jobs.

What we need in Hartford is to bring stability to the state budget and to start budgeting for generations not the next election.

On Monday, Republicans released a better alternative to Governor Malloy’s “new economic reality” budget. Rather than asking Connecticut to accept failed policies, reduced state services, higher taxes and a mediocre economy, Republicans showed that a common sense budget can restore funding to education, protect core social services for those in need, and fund transportation upgrades.

This pathway to fiscal stability even delivers $1 billion to the rainy day fund over 5 years.

By living within our means and protecting important funding for our children and the most needy, Republicans are solving the problems facing our state rather than hiding behind the Governor’s “new economic reality” excuse. Our budget focuses on what is needed to get our economy back on track and grow good paying middle class jobs.

The Republican budget:


  • Restores education funding for towns
  • Protects funding for social services.
  • Restores support for hospitals and Medicaid reimbursements.
  • Funds transportation development with – a no tolls/ no tax increases plan.
  • Implements long-term structural changes.
  • Balances the budget WITHOUT any tax increases



Click the image below to see the Republican Pathway to Sustainability: