6 Reasons Taxes Will Rise on CT’s Middle Class

June 17, 2015

The budget narrowly passed by the General Assembly this month adds more burdens to the middle class. The budget:

1. Repeals the scheduled sales tax exemption for clothing/footwear under $50 and limits the sales tax holiday, imposing a $280 million tax hike on children’s clothing and family necessities.

2. Reduces the Property Tax Credit from $300 to $200 — 66 percent of those who currently use the credit have annual incomes less than $75,000.

3. Delays the scheduled increase in the personal exemption for single filers — 90 percent of whom have incomes of $75,000 or less.

4. Raises taxes on hospitals and adds a new tax to ambulatory surgical centers, which will result in higher health care costs for patients.

5. Reduces Medicaid Provider Rates significantly, likely resulting in a decrease in primary doctors that accept Medicaid coverage, making it harder to find and access care.

6. Imposes $700 million in tax hikes on businesses that will have a trickle-down effect, impacting small companies that do business with larger corporations and will have a devastating impact on jobs at all income levels.

Here’s how you can help urge the governor to keep his promise not to raise taxes:
SIGN our petition to say “no” to new taxes at www.NoNewCTtaxes.com.
CALL Governor Malloy’s Office at (800) 406-1527 and tell him to “VETO THIS BUDGET” and stop the tax hikes.