Republican Hearing on Proposed Tax Increases Sets Capitol Abuzz

May 11, 2015

Sen. Fasano, Rep. Klarides Thank Public for Sharing over 800 Pieces of Testimony Regarding Democrats’ Tax Proposals

Hartford – Today hundreds attended a Public Informational Hearing to speak out about the state Finance Committee’s proposed tax increases.

The hearing, held by the Senate & House Republican members of the Finance Committee, was well attended as 100 people signed up to testify in person at the Legislative Office Building. In addition to high attendance at the Capitol, over 800 pieces of written testimony were submitted by the public (available at and over 5,000 individuals signed a petition created by Fasano and Klarides on opposing the tax hikes and new taxes.

“Today’s high attendance speaks to the fact that a public hearing was not only necessary, but should always be required when tax hikes of this massive scope are on the table. I want to thank everyone who came out to voice their opinion, whether for or against the tax hikes. It’s wrong to deny the public a voice, and today was all about making sure every single voice was heard,” said Rep. Klarides.

“Everyone deserves an opportunity to share their opinions and perspective on what these proposed tax hikes would do to Connecticut. Today should contribute to a productive dialogue that absolutely has to happen before any new state budget can be adopted. Today’s attendance shows what happens when the public is made aware of what’s going on at the Capitol,” said Sen. Fasano.

The first hour of the hearing, which began at 1:30 pm, was reserved for invited speakers which included 48 individuals who reached out to Republican legislators for an opportunity to have their voices heard. Those testifying included small business owners, veterinarians, farmers and architects as well as large organizations, chambers of commerce and individual Connecticut residents.

After Democrats on the state’s Finance Committee approved a proposal in April to increase taxes by nearly $2.4 billion, Republicans asked for a formal public hearing to give the public a chance to comment on this large proposal. When Democrat leaders did not respond to requests, Republicans moved forward with the hearing independently and invited Democrat Finance Committee members to join them. The governor was also invited to testify on the Democrat’s proposal but did not attend today’s hearing.