Senator Kelly Honors & Remembers Representative Larry Miller

March 16, 2015

Link to Video of Sen. Kelly’s Address is Included Below

Hartford – State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) honored the late Representative Larry Miller on the floor of the State Senate as lawmakers passed a special resolution in recognition of the Stratford lawmaker.

During the senate session on Tuesday March 10, lawmakers spoke in support of House Joint Resolution 66: Expressing Sympathy on the Death of Lawrence G. Miller. Representative Miller passed away last June.

“In losing Larry, Connecticut lost an incredible lawmaker. But together, with our memories and with his lasting impression, his legacy does live on,” Sen. Kelly said as he addressed the Senate circle.

“He inspired me as a legislator and he inspired me as a leader. He inspired me as a friend and as a family man. Larry was the kind of person who worked hard, and he fought hard. I admired his passion, his measure, his character and his smile…no matter where you were he always had a smile.”

Senator Kelly highlighted Rep. Miller’s lifetime of accomplishments in housing, historic preservation, healthcare, and environmental policy.

“Thanks to Larry, Connecticut has an umbilical cord blood bank, which has the potential to make critical life-saving procedures more widely available to families and children. Thanks to Larry, Connecticut has made significant advancements in environmental issues and energy policy that will help improve our state for future generations. Thanks to Larry, Connecticut’s aviation history has been put back on the map where it rightly belongs and ‘First in Flight’ status and Gustave Whitehead have been solidified and celebrated…Thanks to Larry, Connecticut has taken steps to provide the most vulnerable people with quality housing, and has helped ensure every person has a proper home.”

Kelly also applauded the lawmaker’s impact on his local community.

“I didn’t know him just as a legislator. I’ve known him virtually my entire life. I remember Larry, as a young child, being very active in Stratford,” Kelly explained. “Thanks to Larry, I know my own hometown and my district is a better place to live and raise a family.”

In addressing Miller’s family, Kelly expressed further appreciation.

“I want to thank them for sharing Larry with us, with the Town of Stratford, for all that he’s done,” said Kelly.

“My constituents have all known and loved Larry. And for his work, for his drive and for his commitment we have so much to be grateful and thankful for…May his legacy live on and his commitment to our entire state inspire us all.”

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