Sen. Chapin to Chair Regulations Review Committee

December 15, 2014

Hartford-State Senator Clark Chapin of New Milford has been named chair of the legislature’s Regulations Review Committee.

Sen. Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) announced last week that Sen. Chapin will serve as the leader of the Connecticut General Assembly panel, which approves new regulations for state agencies. The Regulations Review Committee provides vital legislative oversight to eliminate waste, redundancy, and over regulation.

“Sen. Chapin has always been a strong advocate for smaller and more efficient government,” said Sen. Fasano. “Clark is also very well respected on both sides of the aisle. As chairperson of the Regulations Review Committee, I am confident that Sen. Chapin will aptly apply his strong leadership skills to streamline the function of state operations.”

Sen. Chapin is one of only two Republican Senators who will be chairing a legislative committee.

“I am honored that Sen. Fasano has chosen me for this position,” said Sen Chapin. “Businesses in my district continue to tell me that frivolous and burdensome regulations have negatively affected our state’s economy and stunted job growth. I look forward to the opportunity of working diligently on the Regulations Review Committee to make Connecticut regulations more business friendly.”

Sen. Chapin has also been tapped to serve on the legislature’s Environment and Appropriations Committees.