Stratford Receives Grant for Point Stratford Revitalization

September 19, 2014

Stratford – Yesterday Stratford was awarded a $200,000 state grant to investigate brownfield clean up at the Army Engine Plant. The Stratford delegation and Stratford mayor applaud the award, which will further advance the Point Stratford mixed-use redevelopment project.

Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21), Senator Andres Ayala (D-23), Representative Laura Hoydick (R-120), Representative Terry Backer (D-121) and Representative Ben McGorty (R-122) explained the value of addressing brownfield cleanup to revitalize the 77-acre former Army Engine Plant property, located at 550 Main Street.

“This grant will enable Stratford to examine and address some very important and long overdue remediation needs,” said Sen. Kelly. “Our town has big plans for the entire Point Stratford area, and an important step in the project is making sure the area is clean, safe and ready for new development. I look forward to watching the continual transformation of Point Stratford and seeing unused space become a new hub for business, entertainment and economic growth.”

“This grant gets us another step closer to getting that unproductive property back to productive use for the Town of Stratford,” said Sen. Ayala. “I want to thank Governor Malloy for his unending commitment to redeveloping these types of brownfield properties. Bridgeport and the region have been a great beneficiary of this program, which I am very supportive of and which shows it value more and more every year.”

“The Army Engine Plant at Point Stratford has a history of being a major focal point of the community, having once been the largest employer in the town,” said Rep. Hoydick. “This grant is a significant step toward allowing Stratford to have the ability to revitalize this location for public use. It opens the door for an exciting opportunity for economic expansion in Stratford, creating jobs, expanding our tax base, and improving the quality of life for all town residents. ”

“Cleaning up brownfields and putting them back to productive use is one of the most cost-effective things we can do for revitalization,” Rep. Backer said. “I am sure these funds will go a long way toward the positive transformation of Point Stratford.”

“This grant offers a tremendous opportunity for economic renewal for the Point Stratford location,” said Rep. McGorty. “It will be rewarding to finally see the potential for this site realized, while expanding employment opportunities and broadening the tax base which offers relief to local taxpayers.”

“The redevelopment of the Stratford Army Engine Plant has been a top priority of my administration, and this $200,000 grant will help bring the redevelopment project to fruition,” said Stratford Mayor John A. Harkins. “I’d like to thank our legislators for all of their work and focus on this key economic development initiative.”

Members of the Stratford Delegation worked together during this year’s legislative session to pass legislation establishing the Point Stratford Infrastructure Improvement District. Creating this special tax district enables Stratford to begin the large-scale multi-use redevelopment project around the Stratford Army Engine Plant brownfield located on the banks of the Housatonic River.

DECD is providing funding to Stratford as part of a larger effort to aid eligible cities, towns, and regional development agencies in assessing and investigating brownfields in their communities. Prior to redevelopment of a brownfield or suspected contaminated site, environmental assessments are often required to provide more information to potential developers about the site’s environmental conditions. Stratford is one of 11 towns and cities receiving a grant.