Enfield Officials Applaud Funding for Springborn Dam Demolition and Removal

March 3, 2014

Enfield officials are applauding the State of Connecticut’s Feb. 28 approval of $1 million to finance the demolition and removal of the obsolete Springborn Dam.

The dam sits in a secluded part of the Scantic River about 300 yards west of the Broad Brook Road bridge. Years ago, it provided power for the Springborn Manufacturing Co.

“We all want to do what we can to help the Scantic River thrive,” Sen. John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) said. “Demolishing and removing the dam will improve the river’s health. With this project, we are boosting the local ecology and improving the safety of this area.”

“This is great news for our local environment,” Rep. David W. Kiner (D-Enfield) said. “I want to thank the Bond Commission for recognizing that the dam is only hurting the environment and not providing any benefit to Enfield anymore. It is best that this is handled well and this funding will help the town to do that.”

“The $1 million approved by the Bond Commission for this project is certainly welcomed,” Rep. David Alexander (D-Enfield) said. “The completion of the Springborn Dam project makes great sense and comes at the right time and serves the future interests of our community and region.”

The Scantic River has a long history of dams. The first dam on the site of the current Springborn dam was built by Shakers in 1840 and used to power first a gristmill then, later, a sawmill.

“The Scantic River Watershed Association (SRWA) would like to thank the State Bond Commission for approving the $1 million towards the removal of the Springborn Dam,” said SRWA Chairman Mike Dynia. “The removal of the dam has been a long standing project of the SRWA which will once again reconnect the river to a free flowing stream. The full removal of the dam is one of the best things that can happen to the river. It will improve the environment and recreational opportunities along the river.”