Sen. McKinney Calls on Kennedy, Meotti to Resign

October 11, 2012

Statement from State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield):

“The Board of Regents of Higher Education needs to clean house. The actions of President Robert Kennedy and Executive Vice President Michael Meotti have embarrassed Connecticut’s higher education system and further eroded taxpayer confidence and trust in state institutions,” said Senator McKinney referring to efforts to purge the community college system of its presidents, award unauthorized pay raises to administrators totaling nearly $300,000, and Dr. Kennedy’s six-week leave last summer. “Both men need to resign and the search for competent successors must begin immediately.”

“I also support the leaders of the Higher Educations Committee in calling for legislative hearings to determine exactly what went wrong, the extent of the abuse, why the law put into effect last year wasn’t followed, and what state government – including the governor’s office and the Board of Regents – needs to do to ensure nothing like this happens again.”