Senate Republican Caucus Again Calls on Gov. Malloy to Stop October Longevity Payments

October 6, 2011

Senate Republicans to Gov. Malloy:
“Rescind longevity pay. Restore the trust that is critical to your effectiveness as a leader of our state!”

HARTFORD – The fourteen-member Connecticut Senate Republican Caucus delivered a letter to Governor Dannel Malloy today requesting that he rescind any planned October longevity payments and use his constitutional and statutory authority to stop the practice moving forward.

Legislative Republicans have made several efforts to eliminate longevity pay through legislation only to be stopped by legislative Democrats. While Senate Republicans will continue to pursue legislative reforms, Governor Malloy already has the constitutional and statutory authority to make reforms on his own. Since Governor Malloy has repeatedly stated that he would support legislation reforming the longevity system, Senate Republicans believe his failure to act threatens his credibility.

“We urge you to act to restore the trust that is critical to your effectiveness as a leader of our state,” the letter reads. “Seize the initiative and revoke the October longevity payments intended for non-union state employees.”

On Friday, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) sent Governor Malloy a letter detailing the statutory and legal precedent which gives the governor the authority to reform the longevity pay system.

Longevity pay is a form of compensation which rewards an employee for remaining with an employer beyond a certain period of time. Connecticut state employees begin receiving twice-a-year payments upon reaching 10 years of state service. They then receive increases in those payments after they reach 15, 20, and 25 years of service. The payments, issued in April and October, are provided in addition to any cost of living adjustments or merit increases an employee may receive. Unionized state employees forfeited some, or all, of their October longevity payments as part of an agreement on labor savings ratified in August, but non-union state employees remain eligible.

3,599 non-union state employees received longevity payments in April totaling approximately $7 million. The state is scheduled to make another $7 million in payments this month.

Please find copies of the Senate Republicans’ letters to Governor Malloy in the attached .pdf.