Concerned about Tolls? Stay Informed!

Are you concerned about Democrat proposals to bring tolls to Connecticut? Worried about the impact of tolls on your family? No TollsYour budget? Your commute? Below is more information on how you can stay informed and learn about the issue. Also below is more information about the Republicans’ alternative transportation funding proposal that includes NO tolls and NO new taxes.


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Senator George Logan passionately speaks out against tolls, standing up for the thousands of CT residents who have told him they are taxed enough.


Prioritize Progress – An Alternative to Tolls that Funds Transportation

Prioritize Progress is a transportation funding plan that works within current state resources to provide $65 billion for transportation infrastructure projects over the next 30 years.  It relies on NO tolls and NO tax increases. It guarantees a steady, predictable flow of money for transportation infrastructure.

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Long Term Transportation Improvement Strategy

In addition to Prioritize Progress, Republicans have also development a long-term infrastructure improvement plan. You can view full details here.

This includes a five point plan to:

1) Immediately Invest in Infrastructure Immediately increase investment in transportation over the next 5 years.

2) Identify Needs & Eliminate WasteIdentify the state’s long-term transportation needs and require the DOT to submit specific plans to the legislature to ensure funding is prioritized for infrastructure.

3) Develop Long Term Strategy & Seek Efficiencies – Reestablish the Transportation Strategy and Advisory Board (TSAB) to increase public involvement and oversight of transportation investments, planning and projects.

4) Public Private Partnerships Allow Connecticut to explore public private partnerships with public input and legislative oversight.

5) Address Five Worst Bridges – Develop a plan to address CT’s five worst bridges most in need of replacement.

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