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Sen. Markley: We should pay back ratepayers for the hidden tax.
June 6, 2011
Senator Markley talks to Dan Lovallo of the Talk of Connecticut about his lawsuit on the hidden tax on electric bills, the governor’s deal with state unions and Connecticut’s anti-business environment [Audio]
May 17, 2011
Senator Markley talks to Brad Davis of the Talk of Connecticut about the Supreme Court’s decision on the hidden tax on our electric bills [Audio]
May 13, 2011
Senator Joe Markley Reaction to the State Supreme Court Ruling
May 12, 2011
A Tax is a Tax is a Tax
April 29, 2011
Senator Markley speaking with John Rowland WTIC about the DPUC lawsuit and waiting to hear back from the State Supreme Court. Also, his tax rally for April 15th [Audio]
April 8, 2011
Senator Markley Supreme Court Update [Video]
March 24, 2011
Senator Joe Markley Appears before the State Supreme Court
March 23, 2011
Senator Joe Markley Talks with Supporters Prior to Supreme Court Hearing [Video]
March 23, 2011
[Audio] Sen. Markley talks to WTIC 1080’s “State and Church” about his Supreme Court Argument Opposing the Hidden Tax on Utility Bills [Audio]
March 23, 2011