Prioritize Progress

Prioritize Progress is a transportation funding plan that works within current state resources to provide $65 billion for transportation infrastructure projects over the next 30 years.  It relies on NO tolls and NO tax increases. It guarantees a steady, predictable flow of money for transportation infrastructure.


How it works:

Fully implemented, it operates within CT’s new bond cap, borrowing no more than allowed under the cap. It protects bonding for core needs such as school construction and clean water, at the same time it reduces bonding for excessive wants and prioritizes transportation investments. Instead of using additional bonding for pet projects and political handouts, this plan requires that all bonding above and beyond the state’s basic investment needs must go toward transportation infrastructure projects.


Key components of the plan would require the state to:

  • Reserve a set amount of General Obligation Bonds to be used solely for transportation priorities.
  • Preserve Special Tax Obligation bonds dedicated to transportation.
  • Re-establish the Transportation Strategy Board (TSB) to work alongside CTDOT to assess proposed projects and identify community needs.


Benefits of the plan include:

  • An annual transportation funding mechanism guaranteeing over $1 billion annually in state funds. Paired with projected federal funds, this guarantees over $2 billion annually. Totals $65 billion over 30 years.
  • No tax increases
  • No tolls
  • Operates under the new state bonding cap when fully implemented to reduce debt and prioritize investments for transportation.
  • Provides flexibility in setting transportation priorities
  • Provides a historic level of funding for transportation that is also maintainable and predictable. This will allow Connecticut to support our immediate transportation needs as well as pursue a bold vision for improvements since our state will finally have a reliable, long term source of funding.


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