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Watch | CT Republicans Want to Address Election Fraud and Lower Your Cost of Living. Do Democrats? Sen. Harding Updates The Will Marotti Show.
July 8, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding: Family of Killed State Trooper Should be Eligible for CT Pension
June 25, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding Discusses the Bridgeport Ballot Fiasco on NBC Connecticut’s “Face the Facts”
June 17, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding: CT Voter Fraud was “caught red-handed.”
June 13, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding: “Democrats’ taxes have driven up costs for consumers.”
April 12, 2024
(Watch) “It is Unacceptable for Us to Step Away from Israel.”
April 11, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding, CT Republicans call for election reform
April 2, 2024
(Watch) CT GOP prompt action to secure CT elections: “Don’t be fooled.”
April 1, 2024
(Listen) Why are CT Democrats pushing fiscal gimmicks and tying law enforcement’s hands?
March 28, 2024
(Watch) Gov. says CT to adopt EPA air standards, but GOP says residents “shouldn’t let their guard down”
March 21, 2024