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Senate Republicans Statement re: Transportation Committee Vote Advancing Tolls Bills
March 20, 2019
“We are united in condemning these killings.”
October 29, 2018
Non-Partisan Summaries of the CT Constitutional Amendment 2018 Ballot Questions
September 14, 2018
Sen. Frantz: $10 M toll study bond is continuation of Gov. Malloy’s tax and spend policies
July 25, 2018
An Update for All You “Know-Nothings” Who Oppose CT Tolls
July 25, 2018
Sen. Frantz – Cancellation of Fare Increases
May 17, 2018
2018 End of Session Recap
May 15, 2018
Sen. Frantz Votes in Support of State Budget
May 10, 2018
Sen. Frantz Leads Senate Passage of Connecticut Blockchain Working Group Legislation
May 2, 2018
Senator Frantz Releases Statement Re: Approval of Bipartisan Budget
October 26, 2017