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Senator Sampson expresses concerns over two proposals from Democrats regarding election laws in Connecticut.
March 13, 2021
(Listen) It is time for the legislature to get back to work.
August 31, 2020
Sen. Sampson Speaks for the Liberties of Young People
May 1, 2019
Senator Sampson speaks on SB 24, automatic voter registration at DMV
April 2, 2019
Sen. Sampson updates Todd Feinburg on immigration bills, tolls, and other legislative business
April 2, 2019
Sen. Sampson Talks Tolls with Todd
March 6, 2019
Sen. Sampson and Todd Feinburg on the Democrats’ “Compassion Narrative”
March 1, 2019
Sen. Sampson Speaks on the Judiciary Committee Against Judicial Activism
February 28, 2019
Rob Sampson Updates Todd Feinburg
February 26, 2019
State Senator Rob Sampson Updates Todd Feinburg on Tolls, Taxes, and the Fiscal Health of Connecticut
January 23, 2019