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“There is a victim every time this happens.” Sen. Cicarella updates Talk of CT on Republicans’ push for juvenile justice reform at
June 1, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella Updates the Talk of CT on Push for Safer & More Affordable CT
April 29, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella Updates Gary Byron on Public Safety Measures [The Talk of CT]
April 5, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella Updates ‘The Talk of CT’ on Republican Measures for a
March 14, 2022
(Listen) Is a important to you? Sen. Cicarella updates WICC on the Senate Republicans’ plan
March 10, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella Continues Call to Restore Public Safety for Families on ‘Talk of CT’
February 2, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella joins Lee Elci: police working to keep us safe, Senate Republicans have plan to help
January 19, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella joins Vinnie Penn: praises East Haven PD for apprehending 6 attempted carjackers, offers solutions to restore feeling of safety to the public
January 18, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella Recounts Witnessing Casual Retail Theft, Crime in CT [WDRC]
November 15, 2021
(Listen) Sen. Cicarella talks about tension between Gov. Lamont and some Democrats regarding CT juvenile justice reforms (WICC 600)
November 2, 2021