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Listen | Why are convicted criminals able to re-offend? Sen. Cicarella offers solutions on WICC
April 29, 2024
Listen | Sen. Cicarella on Joins Gary Byron: Stolen Cars, Violent Crime, Gun Crimes Are Up. People Are Frustrated. (4/22/24)
April 22, 2024
Listen | Sen. Cicarella discusses the current school bus controversy in Bridgeport on WICC (2/21/24)
February 21, 2024
Listen | There are no consequences for criminals & CT Republicans want to give police tools they need to do their jobs. Sen. Cicarella updates Talk of CT
February 16, 2024
‘This is a product of bad policy.’ Sen. Cicarella discusses recent street takeover on WTIC
December 12, 2023
Listen | Sen. Cicarella joins WICC to discuss the shocking 1,500-car street takeover in CT
December 11, 2023
Listen | Sen. Cicarella Discusses Continued Crime in CT & Solutions on WTIC
October 13, 2023
Listen | Sen. Cicarella on Talk of CT: ‘People in these communities are screaming for help…’ (9/5/2023)
September 5, 2023
Listen | Sen. Cicarella talks CT Crime, Solutions on Talk of CT (7/25/2023)
July 25, 2023
(Listen) Is any progress being made to make CT safer? Sen. Cicarella updates Talk of CT.
July 3, 2023