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(Listen) Now they want a CT gas tax hike AND tolls for all vehicles?
December 20, 2018
(Listen) “I think Malloy’s DOT Commissioner is covering it up.”
November 4, 2018
(Listen) Checked your electric bills lately?
November 1, 2018
(Listen) 121 Tolls Coming to CT?
October 30, 2018
(Listen) “Shame on the (CT DOT) Commissioner”
October 25, 2018
(Listen) This early CT prison release program is shocking.
October 3, 2018
(Listen) 14,008 violent crimes?
September 28, 2018
(Listen) Here’s why Gov. Malloy’s $10 M Toll Study is “Madness.”
August 26, 2018
(Listen) Hear my reaction to Gov. Malloy’s “Know-Nothings” comment.
July 26, 2018
(Listen) He Says $10 Million is “A Drop in the Bucket”. Really?
July 24, 2018