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Watch: Sen. Fasano Speaks on Utility Reform Bill on Senate Floor
October 5, 2020
Press Conference on “One-Party-Rule” Special Session Agenda
September 28, 2020
Gov. Lamont Breaks “Debt-Diet” Promise
March 11, 2020
The Real Story: Major Problems with Democrat Tolls Bill
February 3, 2020
Special Session Vote on Tolls CANCELLED! But the Fight Isn’t Over
February 1, 2020
Latest Democrat Tolls Bill Leaves Door Open for Car Tolls, Many Problems
February 1, 2020
Republicans Petition for Special Session to Stop the Grocery Tax
September 18, 2019
Republicans Speak Out Against New CT Food Taxes Passed by Democrats
September 12, 2019
The Real Story: Controversy and concern over “quasi-public” agencies
August 20, 2019
Senate Republican Press Conference: “This budget is simply a sham.”
June 25, 2019