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Stratford “Stop the Gas Tax/Food Tax” Rally
April 30, 2021
Stop the Gas Tax/Food Tax Press Conference
April 28, 2021
Greater Valley Chamber Legislative Delegation Conversation
April 16, 2021
(WATCH) It’s Time to Bring the People’s Voices Back
March 29, 2021
Sen. Kelly Seeks to Reopen Democracy, Opposes Extending Governor’s Powers
March 23, 2021
Sens. Kelly & Hwang Detail CT Senate Republican Affordable Health Care Plan Ahead of Thursday’s Public Hearing
March 10, 2021
Sen. Kelly on H.B. 6516 and the over taxation of CT Middle Class Families
March 2, 2021
(Watch). CT Democrats want new taxes on WHAT?
February 22, 2021
“It’s a toll of a different color.”
February 11, 2021
Watch: CT Democrats want “the largest tax increase in CT’s history.”
February 4, 2021