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News 8 story: “Now, for the first time, we have proof.”
September 21, 2023
Republicans call on Democrats to tackle election security amid Bridgeport Primary scandal
September 20, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Kelly: “It’s a good day for Sikorsky, it’s a good day for labor.”
August 28, 2023
DEEP extends deadline for EV regulations public comment
August 24, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Kelly: “CT Democrats promised affordable healthcare and are failing to deliver.”
August 22, 2023
CT GOP lawmakers: Electric vehicle mandate raises questions, concerns
August 16, 2023
Elected officials, law enforcement call for criminal justice reform
August 15, 2023
Connecticut legislators debate key bills on final day of session
June 7, 2023
Senate approves $51 billion budget with historic income tax cut
June 7, 2023
State Senate passes $51B budget with historic income tax cut – NBC Connecticut
June 7, 2023