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(Watch). CT Democrats want new taxes on WHAT?
February 22, 2021
“It’s a toll of a different color.”
February 11, 2021
Watch: CT Democrats want “the largest tax increase in CT’s history.”
February 4, 2021
(Watch) The Democrats’ CT House Tax is “just not a good idea.”
February 1, 2021
“This is a tax on the middle class.”
February 1, 2021
Another Democrat tax on CT’s middle class?
January 27, 2021
“… this is a far-left agenda to redistribute wealth.”
January 27, 2021
(Watch) Jan. 26 News Briefing with Sen. Kelly and Rep. Candelora
January 26, 2021
2021 Swearing-in Ceremony Remarks:
January 7, 2021
Opening day of session remarks in the Senate Chamber:
January 7, 2021