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Sen. Kelly Provides an Update on Nursing Home Issues and COVID-19 on WATR’s Talk of the Town with host Steve Noxon
July 14, 2020
Sen Kelly updates Paul Pacelli of WICC
June 29, 2020
Sen. Kelly on WATR Talk of the Town Explains CT Nursing Home Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic
June 22, 2020
Sen. Kevin Kelly discusses the latest regarding CT nursing homes on WICC
June 13, 2020
Sen. Kelly on why the state’s role in nursing home COVID-19 response must be investigated
June 11, 2020
Sen. Kelly Discusses Nursing Home Issues Facing Patients, Families and Workers
May 26, 2020
On WICC600: Sen. Kelly talked about CT nursing homes and how the pandemic has affected them.
May 22, 2020
Sen. Kelly on Lamont Hiring a Consulting Firm to Manage the State’s Reopening at Cost of $2 Million
May 13, 2020
Sen. Kelly updates Paul Pacelli on help for small businesses during COVID-19 pandemic, outlook for legislative session
April 4, 2020
Sen. Kelly: What’s the latest on help for CT small businesses to get through the crisis?
March 27, 2020