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Senator Martin Advocates for the Safety of Healthcare Professionals Following Tragic Incident in Willimantic
November 2, 2023
Urgent Help Needed
August 28, 2023
“One of the most significant hospital safety reforms in decades.”
July 8, 2023
Sen. Henri Martin calls for increased government transparency
March 27, 2023
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Sen. Henri Martin Joins Senate Republican Call for Government Transparency & Accountability, Unveils Better Way to Accountable CT Plan
March 16, 2023
Sen. Martin supports workforce development initiative
March 9, 2023
Sen. Martin: “The families of the victims deserve answers. We stand with them.”
March 8, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Martin’s Opening Day 2023 Remarks
January 5, 2023
Sen. Martin Named Deputy CT Senate Republican Leader
December 21, 2022