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“CT cannot have another patient abuse scandal.” Sen. Somers Updates Fox 61
June 11, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Somers on NBC CT’s “Face the Facts” discusses the opioid crisis
August 28, 2023
Sen. Somers touts climate resilience efforts
July 11, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Somers backs new health care affordability legislation
June 27, 2023
(Watch) Sen. Somers on NBC Connecticut: “We stand with victims.”
June 5, 2023
(Watch) CT commutations halted; Sen. Somers pushes for transparency
April 21, 2023
Sen. Somers on CT tax decreases: “It’s just not enough.”
March 28, 2023
“These are killers.” Sen. Somers discusses why she is questioning the drastic spike in CT murderers’ prison commutations.
March 20, 2023
(Watch) Stop this outrageous policy immediately, Gov. Lamont!
March 17, 2023
(Watch the Fox News Video) ‘Outrageous’
March 13, 2023