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Senator Berthel Celebrates $800,000 Allocation for Heritage Village Multi-Use Path Project
July 18, 2024
‘Farmers One-of-a-Kind Market’ | Waterbury Rep-Am
July 9, 2024
CT Senate GOP Statement on Veto of “slush fund” Bill to Use Taxpayer $$ to Pay Striking Workers
June 12, 2024
CT Senate GOP Statement on School Contracting Law Change
June 7, 2024
CT Senate GOP Raise ?’s About State’s Hartford Schools Decision
June 7, 2024
Republicans Cite Democrats For Using Bonding Bill To Undermine Key Protections Against Construction Malfeasance
May 24, 2024
Senate GOP Pledges to Strengthen CT Bidding Rules in Wake of Embarrassing Scandal
May 21, 2024
Bills That Lived And Died In The 2024 Legislative Session
May 13, 2024
CT legislature OKs pay for striking workers; Republicans call it ‘trickery’ and ‘absurd’ | Hartford Courant
May 9, 2024
CT Senate GOP Blasts Dems’ Passage of “absurd”, “insulting” Slush Fund Legislation
May 9, 2024