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(Listen) Sen. Berthel joins WATR’s Steve Noxon to discuss the Gov.’s attempt to distract CT residents
June 29, 2022
(Listen) Get active & demand CT tax relief ASAP! Sen. Berthel updates ‘Talk of CT’
June 28, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Berthel Breaks Down the Republican State Convention on ‘Talk of the Town’
May 10, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Berthel Talks CT State Budget & Democrats’ Permanent Spending on WATR
May 2, 2022
(Listen) How the CT Democrats’ Budget Bill is Masquerading as Tax Cut: Sen. Berthel Joins WICC
May 2, 2022
(Listen) Why are CT Senate Democrats focused on passing anti-CT business policies? Sen. Berthel updates Talk of CT
April 25, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Berthel joins ‘Talk of the Town’ to discuss Democrat measure that kills jobs & CT middle class
April 18, 2022
State Contracting Oversight is a Bipartisan Issue: Sen. Berthel Updates WATR
March 29, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Berthel Updates ‘The Talk of CT’ on how the flawed ‘Police Accountability Bill’ is putting CT families in danger
March 22, 2022
(Listen) Sen. Berthel updates WATR on the state of the state: Government must live within its means.
February 22, 2022