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Listen | Sen. Berthel joins WATR to talk EV mandates: The legislature must weigh-in. (8/22/2023)
August 22, 2023
Listen | CT Dems banning gas-powered vehicles by 2035? Sen. Berthel joins WICC’s Paul Pacelli to discuss. (8/22/2023)
August 22, 2023
Listen | Sen. Berthel talks EV mandates, role as constituents’ voice in Hartford on ‘Talk of CT’ (8/21/2023)
August 21, 2023
Listen | Sen. Berthel WATR Highlights: Historic Tax Relief
May 16, 2023
Listen | Sen. Berthel and Republicans are pushing for a more accountable CT. (WTIC 1080)
March 21, 2023
Listen | From public safety to govt spending to education policy, Sen. Berthel discusses the hot topics at the CT Capitol with ‘Talk of CT’
January 27, 2023
Listen | Our CT state police deserve our respect and our support. Sen. Berthel updates Vinnie Penn.
January 25, 2023
(Listen) Sen. Berthel talks energy, Capitol updates on WATR
January 20, 2023
(Listen) We have a golden opportunity this year to make CT a more affordable and attractive state. Sen. Berthel updates WELI’s Vinnie Penn.
January 4, 2023
(Listen) Sen. Berthel joins WATR ‘Talk of the Town’ to take a look at the upcoming 2023 legislative session
January 3, 2023