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Video: Sen. Champagne senate farewell remarks
November 28, 2022
(Watch) Sen. Champagne Promotes Accountability and Public Safety
April 20, 2022
Senator Dan Champagne: “It is time to return to a full and proper state government”
April 13, 2022
(Watch) Sen. Champagne Votes in Support of Bill to Suspend Connecticut Gas Tax  
March 24, 2022
(WATCH) Capitol Update: Sen. Champagne Champions Bill for Crumbling Foundation Relief
June 8, 2021
(WATCH) Sen. Champagne Supports Crumbling Foundation Relief
June 7, 2021
In Connecticut, if you do the crime, you DON’T do the time.
April 5, 2021
Senator Champagne updates Gary Byron on the Talk of CT 3-10-21
March 10, 2021
Capitol Update: September 2020 Special Session
September 30, 2020
(Watch) Sen. Champagne on Police Accountability Bill, Likelihood of Increased Lawsuits: This is…the ‘new slip-and-fall’.
July 28, 2020