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(Listen) Sen. Champagne on Crime in CT: ‘A politician’s number-one job is public safety.’ [WDRC]
August 31, 2021
(LISTEN) Don’t like the CT juvenile violent crime wave? Call the Democrats who passed CT’s current laws
July 8, 2021
Sen. Champagne on ‘The Talk of CT’: ‘Hold onto your wallet. The Democrats are coming after it.’
May 24, 2021
In Connecticut, if you do the crime, you DON’T do the time.
April 5, 2021
(Listen) Sen. Champagne Updates Lee Elci of 94.9 FM on the Effects of the Anti-CT Police Bill
September 3, 2020
(Listen) Sen. Champagne Talks Effects of Police Bill on WDRC: ‘They made everybody unsafe.’
September 2, 2020
(Listen) Sen. Champagne Discusses Police Accountability Bill on The Talk of CT: ‘This is almost a no-win situation…’
August 11, 2020
Sen. Champagne on WTIC 1080: a creative approach to voting in Vernon, ideas for opening businesses
May 4, 2020