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Senator Miner on ‘Meet the Leaders’
January 9, 2017
Senator Roraback, Connecticut Victims of Crime Press Conference [Video]
March 12, 2012
Connecticut Package Store Owners, Legislators Hold Rally to Protest Proposed Changes to Connecticut’s Liquor Laws. [Video]
February 27, 2012
Senator Roraback, Representative Chapin Propose Restrictions on the Use Phosphorus Fertilizers [Video]
February 6, 2012
Press Conference: Senator Roraback Discusses State Pension Reform [Video]
January 24, 2012
The Debate Over Who Should Vote [Video]
December 19, 2011
Senator Roraback Speaks Out Against Early Release for Violent Offenders [Video]
May 27, 2011
Sen. Roraback speaks out against the Paid Sick Leave Bill [Video]
May 26, 2011
Senator Roraback offers an amendment to implement the Republican budget [Video]
May 3, 2011
Senator Roraback Speaks in Favor of Hospital Tax Elimination Amendment [Video]
May 3, 2011