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Press Conference: Cut the Sales Tax
January 4, 2022
Press Conference Video: Senate Republicans, Providers Call for Home Care Support, Action to Deliver Promised Rate Increase
December 13, 2021
Press Conference Opposing the Extension of Emergency Executive Powers
July 14, 2021
CT Senate Republicans Slam Democrats for Rushed 837 Page Implementer Bill Crafted in the Dark
June 15, 2021
WATCH: A Better Way to Affordable Health Care
June 2, 2021
CT Republicans Call for Action on Affordable Health Care
June 2, 2021
Stop the Gas Tax Press Conference
April 28, 2021
(WATCH) It’s Time to Bring the People’s Voices Back
March 29, 2021
Watch: CT Senate Republicans Push to Reopen Democracy
March 23, 2021
Sens. Kelly & Hwang Detail CT Senate Republican Affordable Health Care Plan
March 10, 2021