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Speak out against a sales tax hike!
February 8, 2019
What Forced Regionalized School Districts Could Look Like
January 29, 2019
Hold on to your wallets: New tax proposals being floated in Connecticut
January 28, 2019
Sen. Fasano Appoints Sen. Heather Somers to Governor’s Council on Women and Girls
January 18, 2019
Republican Legislative Priorities: Opportunity for all
January 8, 2019
Senate Republicans Welcome New Legal Counsel, Attorney Bryan Cafferelli
January 3, 2019
Senate Republicans Announce Committee Assignments
January 2, 2019
Senate Republicans Call for Bipartisan Committee to Lower Health Insurance Costs & Design State-Based Affordable Health Care Plan
December 19, 2018
Senate Republican Office to Welcome New Budget Director, Melissa Ziobron
December 11, 2018
Why We Don’t Need Tolls to Make Transportation a Priority
August 9, 2018