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Sens. Hwang, Kelly, Harding: Still time to pass affordable healthcare & insurance legislation
March 25, 2024
Sens. Harding & Sampson: Dems not serious about preventing future Bridgeport fiascos
March 22, 2024
Sens. Harding & Sampson: CT Dems just added to state’s “bad for biz” reputation
March 21, 2024
(Watch) Gov. says CT to adopt EPA air standards, but GOP says residents “shouldn’t let their guard down”
March 21, 2024
Sens. Harding & Sampson: Paid sick days bill is “tone-deaf”; will hurt CT employers & employees
March 19, 2024
Sen. Harding: Reform CON process, improve oversight of health care acquisitions
March 19, 2024
Senate GOP lawmakers: Improve oversight of CT healthcare acquisitions & reform CON process
March 18, 2024
(Listen) Sen. Harding: CT Republicans are “promoting really positive things for the people of this state.”
March 15, 2024
CT GOP lawmakers: “Devastating reminder” that real election reform is needed
March 15, 2024
(Watch) Sen. Harding: “This is a pre-determined outcome.”
March 13, 2024