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Republicans put majority on notice; spend opioid settlement on problem [The Day Opinion]
August 9, 2021
Gas Tax Alert! Supporters Planning September Push
August 5, 2021
Senate Republicans Support Strong Safeguards to Ensure Opioid Settlement Funds Go to Save Lives
August 3, 2021
Senate Republicans Seek to Safeguard Opioid Settlement Funds
July 22, 2021
Kelly, Formica Statement on Lamont’s Extension of Executive Powers to September 30, 2021
July 9, 2021
In Connecticut, Democrats are the ones blocking health care reform
June 29, 2021
GOP Leaders: “The shift away from tax increases is a win for Connecticut families”
June 4, 2021
Our Wall Street Journal Letter: There Should be No Tax Increases in CT
June 4, 2021
CT Republicans Call for Action on Affordable Health Care
June 2, 2021
As Democrats Drop “Public-Option,” CT Republicans Advocate for GOP Affordable Health Care Plan
May 21, 2021