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Senate GOP “putting in effort”…”have released their own plan…”
November 17, 2023
Sen. Kelly: CT Democrats decline to close election “corruption loophole”
September 26, 2023
CT Republican Leaders Blast Democrats’ “Dark Money” Special Session Agenda Add-on
September 22, 2023
DEEP extends deadline for EV regulations public comment
August 24, 2023
Connecticut Senate Republicans present budget proposal, includes $1.5 billion in tax cuts |
May 11, 2023
Monroe state legislators welcome Masuk Softball team to Capitol | The Monroe Sun
May 11, 2023
Proposal from CT House Republicans calls for major tax breaks (
May 11, 2023
CT GOP senators’ plan: $1.5 billion tax cut (
May 11, 2023
CT Senate Republicans offer budget with $1.5 billion in tax cuts (
May 11, 2023
A path for CT to stop being highest taxed state per capita (
May 11, 2023