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Kelly, Candelora: “CT Democrats rejected the largest tax cut in state history”
May 9, 2022
Republican Leaders React to the 2022 Legislative Session
May 5, 2022
CT GOP Leaders React to Senate Passage of Criminal Justice Reforms
May 4, 2022
CT Republicans Renew Calls for $1.2 Billion in Tax Cuts as Federal “Limits” on Tax Relief Increase
May 3, 2022
Kelly & Formica Applaud Passage of Maternal Mental Health Support Legislation
May 2, 2022
Kelly, Formica, & Hwang Applaud Efforts to Reduce Health Care Cost Growth
April 29, 2022
Kelly, Formica Applaud Senate Passage of Bill to Establish Jobs Pipeline, Connect Young People to Careers
April 28, 2022
Kelly, Formica, Kissel: Criminal Justice Bill Begins to Address Symptoms, But Fails to Address Root Causes of Crime
April 27, 2022
Kelly, Formica Call for Federal Action on Clean Air, Respond to Dem Proposal to Adopt California Emissions Standards on Trucks
April 26, 2022
Kelly, Formica Applaud Senate Passage of Bipartisan Children’s Mental Health Legislation
April 22, 2022