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GOP Leaders: “The shift away from tax increases is a win for Connecticut families”
June 4, 2021
Our Wall Street Journal Letter: There Should be No Tax Increases in CT
June 4, 2021
CT Republicans Call for Action on Affordable Health Care
June 2, 2021
As Democrats Drop “Public-Option,” CT Republicans Advocate for GOP Affordable Health Care Plan
May 21, 2021
Kelly, Formica: Lamont plan takes your green dollars, doesn’t produce green environment
May 3, 2021
Stop the Gas Tax, Stop the Food Tax
April 28, 2021
Do you support a $3.2 billion tax increase?
April 22, 2021
CT Democrats Propose $3.2 Billion Tax Increase: GOP Leaders Respond
April 22, 2021
Speak out on escalating car thefts
March 31, 2021
Senate Republicans Offer Amendment to Better Protect the Voice of the People
March 30, 2021