Sens. Gordon & Sampson Support Pension Benefits for First Responders Killed in Line of Duty

July 2, 2024

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott), whose district includes the Town of Southington, and State Sen. Jeff Gordon (R-Woodstock), member of the Public Safety and Security Committee, today reaffirmed their support for first responder families to automatically receive pension and financial benefits following a line-of-duty death of an immediate family member, following the tragic line-of-duty death of TFC Aaron Pelletier.


Following Trooper Pelletier’s death, his surviving spouse is currently ineligible to collect pension benefits because of certain parameters outlined in state statute.


Sen. Sampson said, “Trooper Pelletier made the ultimate sacrifice while doing his job to protect the public. The state must make his family, and the families of first responders like him, whole. I understand that the relevant state agencies are working on a solution, and I encourage those involved to act quickly. I will support the proper solution when it comes before the legislature.”


“I am ready to do what is needed to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address this oversight in our laws. The family of Trooper Pelletier, and all first responder families, should get the benefits that they deserve when their loved one is killed in the line of duty. I am optimistic that this will be a straightforward administrative fix,” said Sen. Gordon.