(Watch) Sen. Harding: Family of Killed State Trooper Should be Eligible for CT Pension

June 25, 2024

Law: Family of killed Connecticut state trooper not eligible for state pension

(News 8)

Sen. Stephen Harding (R-Brookfield) says families of those who die in the line of duty should automatically be entitled to pension in addition to other existing financial benefits.

“It’s alarming and upsetting,” Harding told News 8. “I’m willing to do anything as a caucus, myself to make sure that the family gets all the benefits they certainly deserve here. If we’re going to make exceptions, this is certainly one of the cases where we should be making an exception.”

A spokesperson for Democratic House Speaker Matt Ritter told News 8, “Hopefully this is something that can be fixed administratively. If not, we will have to work with the State Police Union, state police leadership and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to find a solution.”