Sens. Harding & Sampson Statement on Bridgeport Election Fraud Arraignments

June 24, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding and Sen. Rob Sampson, Ranking Senator on the Government Administration and Elections Committee issued the following statement regarding today’s arraignments of several individuals on charges related to 2019 Bridgeport election controversies.

“As leading Democrats from Bridgeport openly refer to a longstanding ‘culture’ of election fraud in the city, powerful Democrats in Connecticut state government continue to bury their heads in the sand. To them, it’s ‘what’s the big deal…nothing to see here, move along.’ But yes, it is a big deal. We have video proof that yes, there is something to see here. To be clear: Connecticut is now a national laughingstock, and Republicans won’t ‘move along.’ Republicans will continue to hold news conferences pressing for election integrity reforms until those reforms become reality. Republicans will continue to speak out and call out the hypocrisy until we finally deal with this ‘culture’ of fraud and abuse.”