Sens. Harding & Fazio Statement on Potential Delay in NYC Congestion Pricing

June 5, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding (R-Brookfield) and Sen. Ryan Fazio (R-Greenwich) issued the following statement regarding reports that New York’s governor is considering delaying a controversial congestion pricing / tolling initiative which is scheduled to take effect on June 30.

“This potential delay is welcome news, and it no doubt is the result of public outrage against this attempted cash grab. This toll will have a significant financial impact on the thousands of Connecticut residents who commute on a regular basis to Manhattan. It will also harm the greater New York area’s entire economy which is already overburdened by excessive taxes and fees. Due to New York City’s proximity to Connecticut, it is in our residents’ best interests to have a full environmental impact study conducted before New York can proceed with this toll. We also invite the administration and attorney general’s office in Connecticut to explore legal recourse against New York for another unfair burden it is imposing on Connecticut residents.”