Sen. Seminara Thanks Governor for Signing Bills to Improve CT Elder Care

June 6, 2024

“Today is a very good day for CT seniors.”
(Watch Sen. Seminara’s remarks here.)

Sen. Lisa Seminara, the Ranking Senator on the Aging Committee, attended a June 4 ceremony at Seabury Retirement Community in Bloomfield where the governor signed a pair of bipartisan elder-care bills into law.

“Aging is neither a Republican nor a Democrat issue: It’s a human issue,” Sen. Seminara said. “People want to age in place, in their own homes. People want transparency and accountability in health care. These new laws collectively send a clear message: We are protecting our most vulnerable citizens.”

The legislation addresses issues raised by AARP and advocates for the elderly population in Connecticut, from the quality and availability of at-home care to the state of assisted living facilities. For example, the new law includes “presumptive eligibility” for Medicaid recipients who are awaiting care. This change to the law will make it easier for elderly individuals to receive care in their homes that is covered by Medicaid.

“And as we help seniors stay in their homes, we accomplish another positive goal,” Sen. Seminara added. “We save state taxpayers money.”

Additionally, the new laws will:

  1. Enhance transparency and provide critical information on care quality across nursing homes, empowering informed decision-making
  2. Increase financial protections by offering clearer disclosures regarding fees in Managed Residential Communities, safeguarding against unforeseen expenses
  3. Improve living conditions by phasing out multi-occupancy rooms
  4. Recognize and reward nursing homes that exemplify high-quality, person-centered care
  5. Increase accountability by strengthening oversight on facility management practices

Photo above:
Sen. Lisa Seminara speaks with Gov. Ned Lamont at the June 4 ceremony in which aging-in-place and nursing home transparency bills were signed into law. Sen. Seminara, the Ranking Senator on the Aging Committee, was a strong supporter of both bills.