Sen. Sampson Reacts to News of Gov. Lamont Forming Ranked Choice Voting Task Force

June 11, 2024

State Sen. Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott), ranking member of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, today slammed news of Governor Lamont’s formation of a task force to study the potential implementation of controversial Ranked Choice Voting in the state.


“Ranked Choice Voting is a foolish policy, and its mechanics have proven to confuse voters, even going as far as to eliminate ballots as part of the process. This contradicts the Democrats’ supposed goal of enfranchising every eligible voter in Connecticut. Even more egregious, in January, the governor’s own Attorney General penned an 11-page letter warning that Ranked Choice Voting may violate the state constitution.


“With that said, this is nothing more than a phony task force that the governor is creating to add legitimacy to this failing policy. Anyone can establish a task force! The fact that the governor is creating one holds very little meaning. Perhaps I should create my own task force and stack it with predominantly like-minded individuals to legitimize my ends. Make no mistake, this is what the governor is doing with his Ranked Choice Voting Task Force. We already have a mechanism to determine sound election policy in the state, and that is the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee.”