Sen. Harding: “It took 5 years for CT election fraud arrests to be made.”

June 11, 2024

Five Years Later, Arrests Made in Bridgeport Ballot Stuffing Incidents

Senate Republican Leader Stephen Harding, R-Brookfield, and Sen. Rob Sampson, R-Wolcott, the ranking member on the Government Administration and Elections Committee, accused Democrats of resisting any changes to election law that would hold bad actors accountable.

“Five years. That’s how long it has taken for these arrests to be made,” the state from Harding and Sampson reads. “Now do Democrats want to pass real election reforms for Connecticut? Because let’s face it: They saw the videos from 2023. We all did. Repeated, blatant, brazen ballot box stuffing in Bridgeport, all caught on tape. In the pre-dawn hours. In the middle of the day. At multiple locations in the city. The videos went viral. They made national news. Superior Court Judge William Clark wrote that the videos ‘are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.’”

Nancy DiNardo, chair for the Connecticut Democratic Party, released a statement regarding today’s charges.

“Connecticut’s state law is very clear about how to handle absentee ballots,” DiNardo wrote. “As we have said, if people have broken the law, they must face consequences. The Connecticut Democrats respect the findings of the State’s Attorney’s office and the legal process. The four individuals involved will have their day in court.”

Five Years Later, Charges Filed In Bridgeport Ballot Stuffing Incidents