Sen. Gordon Applauds Bipartisan Law Transforming Healthcare Experience for Persons with Disabilities

June 26, 2024

Hartford, CT – In a significant advancement for healthcare accessibility, Representative Mike Demicco (D – Farmington and Unionville) is pleased to announce that Governor Ned Lamont has signed House Bill 5200 into law. This critical legislation, introduced by the Public Health Committee and co-sponsored by Representative Demicco, is set to transform the healthcare experience for persons with disabilities across Connecticut.

“HB 5200 is a testament to Connecticut’s dedication to inclusivity and equality,” said Rep. Demicco. “With the Governor’s signature, we affirm our commitment to ensuring that every individual has access to the healthcare they need and deserve.”

The bill, which garnered bipartisan support, mandates that beginning January 1, 2025, certain healthcare facilities must purchase accessible medical diagnostic equipment, ensure at least one examination room is equipped to accommodate patients with disabilities, and require the Department of Public Health to post information on its website regarding the provision of health care to individuals with accessibility needs.

These provisions are designed to remove barriers that individuals with disabilities often face when seeking medical care, thereby improving their access to necessary health services.

“For our state to expand care accessibility standards to more practices and ensure all of our residents receive the care and respect they deserve is a vitally important step to ensure fair and even treatment for everyone,” said Sen. Anwar. “While we work to keep state care strong for all residents in need, more can always be done, and this bill makes sure more patients in our state will receive the medical attention they need meeting them where they are.”

“Focusing on improving the quality of life for our most vulnerable populations has always been a priority. Having a disability should never impact the quality of life a person experiences,” Sen. Somers said. “The signing of H.B. 5200 marks a significant advancement in the ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and equality in healthcare, reaffirming our commitment to the well-being of all our residents.”

Sen. Gordon said, “As a doctor, I work daily with people with disabilities, and I see that challenges that they face. I’m proud to have been a legislative leader working on this bill and collaborating in a bipartisan effort, including with patient advocacy groups, the Connecticut State Medical Society, and the Connecticut Hospital Association to get this passed into law. It improves physical access to critical diagnostic equipment and health care facilities for more patients. Connecticut is now a leader in this area as the federal government has yet to act. Thank you to my friend, Representative Demicco, for championing this important legislation.”

“Ruth Grobe of Citizens for Equal Access and Sheldon Toubman of Disability Rights CT, in partnership with Rep. Mike Demicco, led the efforts to bring our laws in line with the accessibility standards we hope and expect will eventually be fully supported at the federal level. This bill takes a step forward in assuring the most vulnerable among us have access to the highest quality of necessary medical care and care they need and deserve,” said Rep. McCarthy Vahey. “Senator Anwar and I, as Co-Chairs of the Public Health Committee, were honored to support the efforts to take a step forward for all those living with disabilities and facing countless barriers to accessing care.”

“This law will provide better access to appropriate medical care for patients with disabilities and has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of our neighbors and friends, many of which have struggled for years to find accommodating providers,” Rep. Klarides-Ditria, Ranking Member of the Public Health Committee said. “I want to thank my colleagues, and Governor Lamont, for supporting this life-changing measure and making it easier for everyone to receive safe, appropriate medical care.”

Representative Mike Demicco represents the 21st District of Connecticut. His leadership roles include Deputy Majority Leader and committee member for Environment, Public Health, Energy & Technology, along with Higher Education and Employment Advancement.