Sen. Cicarella, Rep. Zullo Applaud State Funding for East Haven Hagaman Memorial Library

June 7, 2024

East Haven lawmakers State Sen. Paul Cicarella and State Rep. Joe Zullo today applauded the State Bond Commission’s approval of $43,000 grant-in-aid funding for Hagaman Memorial Library to replace the building’s cooling system.


“Thank you to the legislature for authorizing this funding, and to the Bond Commission and Governor Lamont for their approval. This aid will greatly enhance the comfort and safety for East Haven residents using the library’s many services. It’s particularly beneficial for our vulnerable residents who rely on the library as a cooling center on hot summer days. Our public library is a community cornerstone, and a viable cooling system plays a significant role in this,” they said.


The state funding is part of a larger agenda that includes similar projects across Connecticut affecting economic development, public safety, transportation, and more.

Following the bond commission’s approval today, the funds can now be allocated.