Granby Lawmakers Applaud State $$$ for First Responder Communications Upgrades

June 7, 2024

Granby state lawmakers today applauded the approval of $2 million in state bond funds for a first responder emergency communications replacement system and equipment.

Sen. Lisa Seminara said, “Our Granby delegation works closely with the town to speak with a unified voice on behalf of pressing needs. This funding will allow for a much needed upgrade to the current antiquated system and it will undoubtedly help save lives and prevent tragedies. This was a top priority for our team, and we thank the governor for his attention to this important project.”

Sen. John A. Kissel said, “This bond funding will provide our first responders with essential upgrades, helping them serve Granby residents more effectively. The Granby delegation thanks Governor Lamont for recognizing the significant impact this funding will have on the wellbeing of my constituents.”

Rep. Mark Anderson said, “I join the Granby delegation in applauding this bond allocation. This investment in our community will improve the ability for our first responders to keep us safe – a core function of our state government.”