CT Senate GOP Statement on Veto of “slush fund” Bill to Use Taxpayer $$ to Pay Striking Workers

June 12, 2024

Sen. Republican Leader Stephen Harding, Sen. Rob Sampson and Sen. Eric Berthel today issued the following statement regarding the veto of the bill passed by Democrats to create a slush fund for the State Comptroller in order to use Connecticut taxpayer dollars to pay striking workers.

“Senate Republicans exposed this bill for its absolute absurdity. Senate Republicans exposed how legislative Democrats signed off on a bill that was cloaked in non-specifics which had no public hearing and created a slush fund for the State Comptroller. Senate Republicans exposed how Democrats voted ‘yes’ on a bill which made a mockery of the legislative process while endorsing more fiscal mismanagement and another attempt to go around the fiscal guardrails. This bill was vetoed due to the pressure exerted by Connecticut Republicans.”