Senator Hwang Visits Newtown High School, Promotes Civics and Advocacy Among Students

May 15, 2024

NEWTOWN – Today, Senator Hwang visited Newtown High School to speak with 2023 Newtown Teacher of the Year Jason Edwards and his civics students about the importance of community advocacy and involvement in local politics. Senator Hwang praised Jason’s innovative, interactive teaching approach, inviting speakers like Senator Hwang to give students a real-world perspective into the world of government and politics.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the passion for advocacy and political awareness of these students. Women’s healthcare, gun safety, and distracted driving were just a few policy areas that the students were keenly focused on making a difference. It is refreshing to see our young people advocating in areas that will benefit not only their fellow classmates, but the community at large,” Senator Hwang remarked.

“Any opportunity for students to engage with elected officials is valuable. Senator Hwang has a true affinity for connecting with students, pulling out their thoughts and their needs. It is great when students feel heard and seen. This is just another step in my student’s understanding of democracy at a grassroots level,” teacher Jason Edwards commented.

During his talk with students, Senator Hwang highlighted the importance of engaging in politics at the local and state level in order to promote the most effective change.

“In the tapestry of democracy, state and local politics are the intricate threads that weave communities together,” Senator Hwang added. “Shaping the fabric of our everyday lives far more intimately than the broad strokes of federal governance. Remember, true change often starts at home, where the voices of our neighborhoods and towns echo louder and hold strong power to command the direction of our societies.”