Senator Hwang Praises House Passage of Education Legislation that Delays CT Racial Imbalance Redistricting Process

May 8, 2024

HARTFORD – Today, the Connecticut State House of Representatives passed SB 154, an education bill that will provide towns ample time to reassess their responses to Connecticut’s racial re-districting laws. Senator Hwang specifically supported sections 3, 4, and 5 which would delay the requirement for schools in towns that have been noticed by the CT Department of Education to correct racial imbalances in their school districts until July 1, 2025. Hwang clarified and confirmed legislative intent during the Senate floor debate last Friday to confirm that even if a town had submitted its plan before July 1, 2024, that town would still be eligible for the delay. The bill has now passed both legislative chambers and will head to Governor Lamont’s desk for signing and enactment into law.

Senator Hwang has long recognized the strengths brought to our schools by having a diverse student body, bringing students of all backgrounds together to understand, appreciate, and respect each other’s culture. Senator Hwang has worked with his colleagues to find innovative ways to encourage diversity in schools but has warned against the unintended consequences of forced redistricting. This method can have severe impacts on students who must change schools, leaving behind friends and trusted faculty for an unknown setting.

“I applaud the House’s passage of this crucial legislation. Before any forced re-districting occurs, school districts need time to consult the community and analyze the potential impacts such a policy can have on children’s mental well-being in the short and long term. This legislation will allow Fairfield’s Board of Education ample time to consider multiple different strategies to address the state’s diversity concerns. I look forward to working with all shareholders to find an effective solution,” Senator Hwang remarked.

“Under the previous timeline, districts would have been forced to draw arbitrary lines in a re-districting process that could have serious negative ramifications on children and communities. With this extension, all parties involved will have a seat at the table, and all options can be considered,” Senator Hwang added.