Photo | Honoring Watertown ‘Hero to Hero’ Navy SEAL Christopher Shea

May 1, 2024


On May 1, State Sen. Eric Berthel (right) honored Watertown native and former Navy SEAL Christopher Shea in the Senate Chamber for founding the “Hero to Hero” program, which helps special operators and other highly skilled military veterans transition to first-responder careers. After a notable career in the armed services, Shea also serves as an active firefighter with the North Haven Fire Department. During a pause in the Senate proceedings for Sen. Berthel’s Point of Personal Privilege, Shea was joined by his wife, Anita, for the recognition.

“Chris’s story is remarkable and is an example of dedication to our nation and local community. Many of the men and women in our armed forces have the skills to be outstanding first responders, and Chris is helping to provide them with this pipeline. This is a vital service during a time when our towns have significant need for more first-responder heroes,” said Sen. Berthel.

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